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Q: Why should you choose our custom services?
A: Customers choose us for their custom gene editing services because:
1. Our highly experienced team provides professional and top-quality services.
2. We offer cost-effective products, top-notch technical support, and time-saving services.

Q: How many embryos are injected for knockout services and what is the success rate?
A: Our embryo injection process is split into a number of sessions, with an estimated 120 embryos injected per session. Based on our experience, the knockout rate as a percentage of total number of injected embryos is about 2-10% per session. We guarantee you will get 3 F1 offsprings.

Q: What is your requirement for DNA preparation?
A: The quality (i.e. purity or concentration) of the DNA is paramount to the success of the project. We will provide customers with detailed protocols for DNA preparation when initiating a project. However, note that we prefer that you provide the target DNA sequence, and Bimake.com experts construct the vector. In our experience, this will improve the efficiency of the project vastly.

Q: Is it necessary to linearize DNA when making transgenic mice?
A: We recommend that our customers consider injecting circular BACs, which can save considerable amounts of effort in DNA preparation and is likely to lead to better results (higher frequency of transgenic embryos) since circular BACs are easier to inject.

Q: What procedures do you follow or fixing/staining transgenic embryos?
A: We have performed successful fixation and LacZ staining of embryos spanning a range of ages, from E8.5 to just before delivery. We use Life TechnologiesTM’s kit and accompanying protocol for fixation/staining. For older embryos, we partition them into several pieces (with customer’s approval of course) before fixation/staining to ensure the proper penetration of fixatives.

Q: Where do you source your animals?
A: The animals are mainly sourced from Charles River Laboratories and Jackson Labs, and the health of animals is monitored rigorously.

Q: How do customers ship DNA to you?
A: Customers can ship plasmid or BAC DNA to us by an express carrier under ambient temperature. We will test the DNA’s quality before injection and inform customers quality issues.

Q: How do you ship animals to customers?
A: We typically use World Courier to ship live animals. Animals are under the SPF conditions during the entire shipping process

Q: What is included in your knockout service?
A: We offer all of the services necessary to introduce a targeting construct into ES cells, selection of properly-targeted clones, characterization of selected clones by Southern Blot, expansion of selected clones for storage, preparation of clones for microinjection, and injection of ES cells into blastocysts to generate chimeric mice or rats. As an option, we also offer the choice of injecting DNA or RNA into zygotes.

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